This procedure consists of deodorising the stoppers, and it takes place immediately after their production. At this stage the stoppers are still untreated, before they go through the final correction stage. During this stage there is a total release of all volatile organic compounds, which allows for the extraction of all sensorials in the cork, whatever they may be.

The stoppers are introduced into a chamber (with a capacity of about 400 000 stoppers per operation) and simultaneously subjected to high temperatures and steam, very strong ventilation and continuous extraction, for the duration of the process. This lasts for about 72 hours and the treated stoppers end up with a humidity of +- 5 %, an optimum characteristic to ensure the stopper’s quality during the following stages of the process.

After this stage, the corks enter the finishing process. (Rectification, topping, choice, washing….).

This whole process is carried out in chambers and washings with an ozone system.  This system allows the deodorisation and sterilisation of any and all fungi and/or bacteria colonies which may exist on the stoppers.

The investment in the development of the most advanced production technologies, combined with strong know-how and expertise ensure unmatched quality and safety, with proven benefits for the wines themselves.